Are you an entrepreneur looking to build, scale,
monetize your digital empire?

Are you feeling stuck in your business and not sure how to grow and monetize?

Let’s Define Your Offer Together!


This intensive coaching offer is for service based businesses, content creators and entrepreneurs ready to level-up their
business and start generating passive income through digital products or services.

Let’s Craft Your Business Strategy


 Let’s Work Together!

 Let’s transform your business to align with your vision and profits to match. There are 3 ways we can work together.

Choose the one that resonates best for you and your current needs.

the Social

PACKAGE  #1 ($997)


  • 1:1 x 90 min. session with Kimberly
  • Complete IG Audit
  • Personalized Social Media Strategy
  • Custom Branding review & feedback
  • Website review & feedback
  • 2 Weeks of priority support via DMs




the Model 

PACKAGE #2 ($1,779)


  • Four 1:1 x 60 min. sessions with Kimberly
  • Clarity on the vision for your business including who you serve and how you serve them to begin crafting your special offer
  • Customized brand strategy recs
  • Personalized Social Media Strategy to support your growth and increase engagement from your ideal audience
  • 2 Weeks of priority support via DMs




PACKAGE #3 ($2,400)


  • Eight  1:1 x 60 min. sessions with Kimberly over a 2 month period (1 weekly session)
  • Complete Social Media Audit
  • Personalized Social Media Strategy
  • Brand strategy recommendations
  • We custom craft your unique offer designed for your audience to increase revenue
  • Custom roadmap to help guide you so you can execute our plan after the sessions based on identified roadblocks and opportunities for your business


What if you have some questions?! Don’t worry, I’m here for you! I give you 2 weeks of additional support as you continue working (via email or DM’s)

You walk away feeling clear and confident on exactly who you’re serving, what your special offer is and how you plan to deliver it!

By the time we’re done with our sessions, you’ll be clear on:

  • Who you serve
  • What your offer is and
  • How to make the game plan happen