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What my clients are saying…

I feel like I now have a clear plan of what needs to get done to move my business to the next level and I have the appropriate resources to help me get it done. The support and accountability received from this academy was top notch.

Kelly Moore

Health & Wellness Coach

I found the group process and the 1:1 really helpful. I went in expecting to work on one thing and gained clarity in a totally unexpected and fabulous way and am starting a whole new business!

Janet Browner

Therapist & Business Coach

Thank YOU for putting so much time and energy into creating such a wonderful bootcamp. It was the perfect amount of time, materials, and information. We get so wrapped up day to day life that we forget that it’s important to dream and set goals and this bootcamp helped me remember this.

Julie L.

HR Executive

What helped me the most was having the community of other women and identifying with their feelings and struggles. It was so fun and professional. Well put together!

Kelly Markowitz

Financial Advisor, Mom of 3 under 3

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#41. Woke AF with Theo Cummings

#41. Woke AF with Theo Cummings

Episode #41: Welcome Theo Cummings! Theo is truly one of the smartest and soulful people I have ever met. In this episode he helps guide us through how to remove old narratives and pain and rise into a life of abundance and fulfillment. Theo is one of the most...

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#40. Farm to Table with Kelly Moore

#40. Farm to Table with Kelly Moore

Episode #40: Kimberly is joined by Kelly Moore, Health & Wellness Coach. Kelly explains WHY "eating local" is important. She shares insights into why removing toxins in your home and food and personal care products really matters. Kelly gives us so many good tips...

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